Mobdro for Android – Download & Install Mobdro APK 2017

Are you still paying to stream your favorite TV shows and movies? Maybe you should download Mobdro for Android and join millions of other smartphone users who are streaming live movies on their devices with Mobdro app.

You will definitely love Mobdro if you love watching movies on your smartphone. Are you a fan of sports? How about watching a live game on your smartphone or tablet? Mobdro makes this possible. This awesome app will easily search for free video streams on the web and then feed them directly on your smartphone or tablet. Mobdro provides you a rare opportunity to watch everything from sports to news to nature and TV series on your smartphone.

The good news is that this app isn’t hard to install. You can easily download Mobdro on your Android or tablet and start enjoying uninterrupted movies and TV shows.

  • Use Mobdro APK on Windows PC to experience full screen like a theater. Go here

Mobdro Versions – Free & Premium

Mobdro comes in two versions; you can download the free version and use it like that. However, if you want to enjoy more features on Mobdro, you will need to upgrade.

The paid feature of this app definitely worth every penny you spent on it. You will not find the features that come with it in any other app of this nature. With the premium version of Mobdro, you can capture the streaming and download it directly on your Android smartphone or tablet to watch it later.

Mobdro for Android premium apk

You can as well easily share your streaming with your friends in just one click when you upgrade to the premium version. Another awesome feature you will enjoy in this premium Mobdro is the timer.

The timer was meant to automatically stop the streaming. Let’s say you want to watch a movie but you are feeling sleepy, you can set the timer around the time you will sleep off so that the movie will stop streaming, this is indeed an awesome feature.

Mobdro for Android – Download & Install Mobdro on Smartphone/Tablet

Are you looking for an easy way to download Mobdro app on your Android smartphone or tablet? This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how you can easily download this awesome app on your phone.

Step 1

  • The first step when you want to download Mobdro for Android device is to configure your phone to accept the apk file. This is because Mobdro ain’t yet to be on Google Play Store. Hence, you will need to give your phone permission to allow file from a third-party website.

Step 2

  • Now go to your phone “Settings/Security” and select the “Unknown Sources” tab. Tap OK after the notification and you can now be able to conveniently download and install Mobdro on your Android device.

Mobdro Unknown sources

Guide to install Mobdro APK on mobile phone

Step 3

  • Since Mobdro isn’t available on Google Play Store yet, you will need to visit the app creator website to download it. Therefore, simply go here to start the download process.

Step 4

  • You will see a large “Download” button on the Mobdro website, click on this button to start the download.

Step 5

  • You will see a popup on your screen asking you if you would like to install Mobdro, of course, you would like to do so, hence click “Next” and then install.

Mobdro android installation

Step 6

  • Once you clicked on the Install, Mobdro app will now install on your Android device and you are ready to go.

Mobdro android apk home

You now have access to loads of movies and TV shows online. You can easily watch these movies on your Android smartphone and tablet as far as Mobdro is successfully installed on your device. Remember, you will get more awesome features when you upgrade to the premium version of the app. If you would like to download the movies you are watching, you can only be able to do that when you upgrade to the paid version.

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Enjoy your movies like never before with Mobdro for Android on a handheld device. Still, you’re struggling with any issues let us know through the comment box.

Mobdro for Android – Download & Install Mobdro APK 2017
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