Mobdro APK – Download & Install Mobdro App Free & Premium

Mobdro APK is among the best apps for video streaming that you can find today. The app offers a lot of premium TV channels. The app happens to get the most trending application which provides the users with a top of the line video streams. It already got millions of installs and has quickly become the most in demand application in the entertainment category.

It is not just videos that you can now watch using your Mobdro app. In case you have favorite TV shows, you can also watch these using the application. This means that it is not only an app for video streaming but is also an exciting form of entertainment streaming app. This will let you find all types of videos, movies or TV shows available online no matter where you are in the world.

Mobdro APK – Download for Android Device

Mobdro Premium APK is more familiar with online video and TV streamer enthusiasts. However, as famous as it is, the app is not readily available on the Google Play Store. This is the reason why it is best to know the important steps on how to download the app.

Mobdro APK free premium download

Install Mobdro Free/Premium APK on Smartphone

Step 1

  • Launch your browser, which can be Chrome, Safari or Firefox from your handheld device.

Step 2

  • On the search box, type to visit official website for Mobdro APK file or else use this link to save your time. click here

Step 3

  • Click on the download button to start downloading which is available in the red color option.

Step 4

  • Once you find it, click it and then wait a little bit time because the size of Mobdro latest apk file is 30 MB.

Step 5

  • With a single click installation process, you can already download the newest Mobdro Premium APK straight on your own Android device.

Step 6

  • Make the most out of using the Mobdro app by downloading and streaming all your favorite videos online.

Some default settings in Android devices may restrict the users from downloading an unknown source from online. In order to active it, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Look for the Security option then click on it to open.
  • Then, allow Unknown Source. This is often labeled as Allow installation of apps from an unknown source.
  • You are now ready to install the Mobrod Premium APK for Android devices.

Mobdro Unknown sources

Solution for Mobdro installation Errors

Do you have some issues on getting started with your Mobdro installation? Below is a short quick guide which will explain the definitions you need to know:

Enable Unknown Sources: In order to allow unknown source on the Android device, just go to Settings then Security option. Just scroll down to find the label Unknown Sources then allow installation of apps from the unknown sources. This way, your mobile phone can already accept apps from the unknown sources.

Download the App: You can now enjoy downloading the latest version of the Mobdro Premium APK from the official site. You can download the newest version 2.0.19 or you can also download several of the older versions depending on your preferences.

Install: After the process of download as been completed, just pull down on the notification screen on your phone and click on Install Mobdro Premium APK on your Android device.

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Enjoy More Exciting Features When You Download Mobdro Premium APK

Even though the app is completely free to use and enjoy, the Mobdro Premium APK for Android lives up to its name by giving the users with a premium option. In fact, the app offers two options for the users, namely freemium and premium. With the Mobdro Premium, you can enjoy some more features which you cannot find in the free version. Two of the features which are made available in the premium version include Chromecast Support and Download Streams.

Through the additional feature Chromecast Support, users can put the videos on a larger screen. Another useful feature, Remove All Ads, will get rid of the ads from the videos so that you can look forward to a clearer and uninterrupted video watching experience.

In order for you to enjoy the Mobdro Premium APK, you just have to access the app from your device then click on the logo of Mobdro that you can easily spot in the upper left corner. Once done, you will then see the selection labeled Go Premium. Click on this then the app will give an option of subscribing to the premium version. The Mobdro APK Download Android means that this app is not yet available for the iOS users so you cannot install the Mobdro APK either on your iPad or iPhone.

Mobdro premium APK update

Once you have installed the Mobdro Premium APK, you can expect it to be completely free from ads. You can then save your selected videos to your device and even set the sleep timer. This Mobdro Premium version will not cost you a lot of dollars per year.

Important points of Mobdro Premium Version

With its paid version, you can finally say goodbye to all advertisements. To summarize it all, the general features of the Mobdro Premium include the following:

  • Ad Free – The Mobdro Premium version is guaranteed ad free.
  • Chromecast Support – Through the Chromecast integration, you will be able to watch all your favorite videos on a big screen.
  • Download Videos – You can directly save your chosen videos straight on your devices.
  • Sleep Timer – You can set your timer and get some sleep while nice video places. You don’t have to worry that you will wake up with a phone with dead battery.


With the New Year comes more new interesting and exciting apps to make your life better than ever before. The Mobdro Premium APK is an app that is very easy and seamless to install and the moment you got it installed, there will be lots of interesting features for video streaming that you can enjoy. Suitable to run on Android devices with version 4.1 and above, this app is a real must have in every sense of the word. If you like to enjoy watching your favorite movies, TV shows and videos even when you are on the go, then, this app is the one you should get.

Mobdro APK – Download & Install Mobdro App Free & Premium
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