Apps Like Mobdro – Best Free Alternatives of Mobdro App

Having at least a apps like Mobdro is very important if you do not want to miss the episode of your favorite TV show. Usually, the reason behind looking for the Mobdro similar apps is the slow streaming speed.

This happened because millions of people watch the movies, videos and TV shows at a time due to which the server start playing video very slow. This is a real issue which as a user you cannot solve other than downloading and installing Mobdro.

Mobdro is a popular app for Android and iOS users which have been used to watch live streaming movies, videos and TV shows. The app is popular because it is free where they offer the different video qualities including HD which allow you to save your internet charges by switching o the low-quality videos.

The app is not listed on Google Play Store and Apple Store, so, you have to download the APK of Mobdro directly through their official website for free. But popular apps like Mobdro are listed on Android and iOS app market. So it is not difficult at all to find a suitable app like Mobdro simply by searching there.

Apps Like Mobdro – Download Best Mobdro Alternatives

To help you to found apps like Mobdro, we bring the list of top 5 Mobdro alternatives which are totally free to install and download. It will cost you to pay money to watch movies, videos and TV shows. So, if you are Android or iOS user and looking for apps like Mobdro then you must check out our following list:

best apps like mobdro alternatives


Netflix does not require any introduction because it is the world more famous entertainment app which allows you to watch movies and TV shows in HD on the day when the episode of the TV show has been released. They offer multiple options to watch movies including the option to watch on Android and iOS devices like iPad and iPhone etc. Their monthly charges are very low but you can still save more money by purchasing their subscription package for the whole year at once. The list of apps like Mobdro is incomplete without talking about Netflix.


UStream is completely a free video streaming application. Mobdro is limited for the Android users only but UStream works on Android and also on iOS devices for free. We love this app as an alternative of Mobdro because it allows you to interact with the other users by chatting and sending them texts while watching the same TV show or movie etc.


Livestream was not very popular since the other live streaming app starts adding and introducing new features. But today Livestream becomes the first preference of celebrities all around the world for the live podcast. It is a free app which is available for both iOS and Android users. To make it easy for the users, they have categorized each and every live video streaming. You can also watch sports, music concerts and movies there.


Hotstar is completely free for iOS and Android users. You can not only watch movies and TV shows on this app but also other videos including sports events. They support content from different countries. So, you have the option to watch shows in international languages like Hindi, Malayalam, English and much more.


Mivo is more likely a TV app where you can watch TV shows and channels from different countries. The app has an elusive feature which makes the watch live streaming fun. It is available for iOS and Android users.

Apps Like Mobdro – Best Free Alternatives of Mobdro App
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