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Ever wish you can watch high-quality videos on your Android or iOS smartphone? There was a time when this is not possible, you either have to subscribe to satellite TV’s, or catch the movies in a theater. But all that has changed now. Today, you can easily stream videos directly on your Android and iOS videos. The best of all is that you can watch high-quality videos on your phone using Mobdro streaming application.


Mobdro is an app that made this possible. This app gives you access to stream videos with HD quality. When you use this app, you can easily watch those elusive sports game, movies, news, TV shows, and other programs. In fact, you won’t ever miss your favorite TV shows again when you get the Mobdro app.

With this, you will enjoy those premium TV channels such as ESPN, BBC, Sky Sports, Animal Planet and more.

Mobdro – Free Video Streaming & Online TV on Android/iOS

You will love Mobdro app on your Android or iOS smartphone if you enjoy streaming video online. What this app does is that it will search for a free video that has the best stream quality for you. It comes in two versions for smartphone users. You can either download the first version which is free. However, if you want to enjoy more features on it, we recommend you get the premium version.

Free Version Features

The free version of Mobdro comes with a lot of features that you will like. The first of those features is “discovery feature”. With this feature, you could be able to find any video you want on the internet and these videos are available in many languages on various topics. The free version of Mobdro for smartphones also allows you to share the video stream in Mobdro apk to your friends and you can easily do this in just one click. It also lets you organize your videos so you won’t have to struggle to search for them.

Mobdro movies

Premium Version Features

The premium version of Mobdro app offers more features than the ones you don’t see on the free version. It comes with all the features of the free version and more. One of the best features in this version is the ability to capture and download video stream so you can watch them on your phone or transfer to your PC later. This feature also allows you to cut the part you would like to capture.

Mobdro also comes with smart TV which is very compatible with ChromeCast. The app will automatically detect the device and allows you to see it as an icon on the upper part of the navigation. You just need to tap that icon when you want to see the video streaming on your big TV screen.

Mobdro Sports

The premium version also comes with a timer that allows you to automatically stop the movie streaming when you fall asleep. To get Mobdro premium, simply download the free version and upgrade from there. You can pay with your credit card, PayPal among others.

  • Easy way to setup Mobdro on Chromecast from this link

How To Download and Install Mobdro on Your Android and iOS Device

So you want to download Mobdro on your smartphone, the step-by-step guide below will teach you how you can easily download this awesome app on your smartphone and enjoy uninterrupted streaming of all your favorite TV shows and movies.

When you want to download Mobdro on your Android, the first thing you should know is that this app is not available on the Google Play Store yet. You have to download it from another website. Simply follow the instruction below to download, install and stream TV shows and movies on your phone with Mobdro.

Follow these simple steps to install on your Android device:

Step 1

  • Go to your Android device “Settings” and tap on the “Security option”.

Step 2

  • On the security option, find “unknown source” option. From this place, you will see an option that allows application installation from unknown source.

Step 3

  • Enable this option in step 2 by tapping on the option.

Step 4

  • Click on the “ok” button to confirm that you want to allow this option.

Step 5

  • Now your phone is ready to download Mobdro app, you can go to Mobdro official website to download and install the application on your phone.

When you are done with the download of the apk file, tap directly on the download notification. You will see a popup asking you for permission. Once you confirm this permission, the installation process will start and you can start streaming any video you want to your phone once the installation is complete.

Installation Process of Mobdro on PC/Laptop (Windows/Mac)

This world is running on the streaming applications because it’ll give you full relaxation when you get bored, tired and even when you’re alone at home. When it’s happened in your daily life, you may search for funny viral videos or anything that will give the full entertainment on your laptop. In that case, Mobdro latest version is providing more number of features for PC users too. Get the official version from the given link.

Mobdro for PC laptop


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Download & Install Mobdro on iOS (iPhone/iPad) Device

Now it’s very simple and easy to download Modbro for iPhone/iPad device when compared with Android device. Because the only thing you need to do on the iOS device is getting the official application from the below link. Go to that link and remember important points that will be useful when you go through the installation process.

  • Install Mobdro App on iOS device with simple method click here

Now that you have Mobdro app on your device, you can go ahead and stream all your favorite TV shows and movies. You will no longer miss sports shows and dramas. Note that you may need to upgrade to the premium version if you really want to enjoy the entire feature this awesome app comes with.

Mobdro App
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